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Nutrition Therapy

Wellness served on a platter

Food is medicine: Eat right, feel alright.

Food has come a long (and not necessarily good) way, since our ancestors went out and foraged their daily meal. Since then, food has taken on many roles including pleasure giver, stress-diffuser, a way to pass time, an emotional crutch, and more. This has changed our relationship with food and food’s relationship with us. What’s meant to nourish us has evolved into something that actually harms us.

Medical Nutrition Therapy seeks to undo and reverse the damage excess sugar, processed food, and industrial farming has caused. Type 2 diabetes, gastric issues, many forms of cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, allergies, obesity, and even cancer begin with not eating right.

How does Nutrition Therapy at Wellth help?

You are what you eat. And with the experts at Wellth guiding you, what you can be is healthy and well. Talk to our Wellth Catalyst today to reset your eating habits and experience a whole new level of wellbeing.

When can you begin?

It’s never too early to redefine your relationship with food. The sooner you correct your eating habits and diet, the sooner you address current and future health issues. Your Wellth Nutrition Therapy programme will be tailor-made to suit your likes, dislikes, food sensitivities, and health issues. So whether if you’re eight or eighty, our nutritional experts can help you achieve your health goals.