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Functional Medicine

Wholesome Wellness With Functional Medicine

The body is a complex system of multiple systems working together. It is highly likely that one health problem doesn’t stem from one issue or affect one system alone. Functional Medicine views health from this perspective – that wellness must be seen as a whole and not in isolation. As obvious as that sounds, it is unfortunate that most medical enquiries stop at one or two underlying reasons at the most. For example, until recently, respiratory issues were seen as just lung issues – but in the recent past, it’s become evident that it has to do as much with gut health as with lung health.

How does Functional Medicine at Wellth help?

Functional Medicine is a dedicated, individual-based, time-intensive, deep practice that seeks to unearth all your health issues to give you long lasting relief from hereditary, current and even future health issues.

This system is inquiry, evidence, and insight based to form cause-effect relationships between the issue and the lifestyle/medical history/family history and social conditions. Functional Medicine follows a framework, better known as GOTOIT – Gather, Organise, Tell, Order, Initiate, and Track. This makes it very useful in both preventive and curative practices.

What should I be aware of when considering Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a wellness practice that takes into account your genetic, biological, physiological, cognitive, and emotional makeup, and works best for child health, diabetes, inflammation, and antibiotic dependence.