Natural Aesthetics

Enhancing natural beauty with an individual holistic 3D approach

The individual holistic 3D approach at Wellth Holistic Medical Center in Dubai is driven by the latest advancements in science and is proven to yield desirable results.  Using unparalleled technological equipment that stimulates self-regeneration, Wellth vows to have you look and feel your best. Our world-class medical experts are here to take care of your hair, face, skin, and body, making your experience utterly unique, personal, and life-changing. Explore our suite of regenerative non-invasive approaches and treatments to achieve holistic results that you have long dreamed of. Start your journey at Wellth Holistic Medical Center in Dubai for a whole new you, inside and out!

What is Natural Aesthetics?

Natural Aesthetics where natural beauty meets well-being. blends naturally skin rejuvenation and enhancing treatments with customized health protocols for skin rejuvenation. Natural Aesthetics considers your skin’s complexion and provides you with a safe and effective anti-aging treatment.

When compared to more conventional methods like peptides, exosomes and growth factors this cosmetic process yields results that are both effective and natural-looking, without any unfavorable side effects. It is a safe and organic way to achieve anti-aging goals.

With a focus on nutrition, supplements, stress-relief techniques like meditation and yoga, and personalized consultations, our approach is tailored to enhance your beauty inside and out. Experience a transformation that celebrates your individuality and supports your overall health journey.

How does Natural Aesthetics at Wellth work?

Staying true to ensuring safe, natural, and seamless skincare, Natural Aesthetics incorporates a rigorous approach of three essential steps. These steps are briefly outlined below.

Step 1: Bone to Skin Analysis – Unlocking the Foundations of Natural Aesthetics

At the heart of our Natural Journey is step 1 – the Bone to Skin Analysis. This foundational step is all about understanding the core aspects of your health and skin, setting the stage for a comprehensive, inside-out transformation. Let’s delve into the key components of this crucial phase:

  • In-Depth Health Consultation
  • Oligo Scan
  • Supplementation

Step 2: Customized Program – Elevating Your Skin’s Vitality

Once we’ve established a strong foundation in Step 1, it’s time to move on to Step 2 – the Customized Program. This phase focuses on enhancing the vitality of your skin through a combination of targeted treatments and therapies:

  • Collagen Stimulating Injectables
  • Hydration Boosters
  • Stem Cell Producers
  • Anti-Wrinkle Treatments
  • Skin Tightening Treatments

Step 3: Inside Out Approach – The Ultimate Transformation

In the final phase of our Natural Aesthetics Journey, Step 3, we employ an inside-out approach to unlock your full potential:

  • Anti-Aging Peptides
  • IV Skin Vitamin Therapy
  • Face Cryotherapy

Our Natural Aesthetics Journey is a comprehensive approach to beauty, focusing on your overall well-being, the vitality of your skin, and your unique aesthetic goals. Together, these three steps pave the way for a holistic transformation that goes beyond surface beauty, ensuring you radiate confidence and health from within.

What Treatments are Offered Under Natural Aesthetics?

Under Natural Aesthetics, Wellth offers a variety of treatments to meet your every need. Below is an overview of the treatments we provide.

  • DNA Skin Analysis (Blood Test): Utilizes a blood test to analyze DNA for personalized insights into skin health and potential treatments.
  • Make-up Free Skin Programme: A specialized program promoting natural skin radiance and health, emphasizing minimal or no makeup
  • Natural Rejuvenation Microneedling: Stimulates skin regeneration using tiny needles to promote collagen production and enhance natural rejuvenation.
  • Exosome Facial 2.0: Harnesses the regenerative power of exosomes in a facial treatment for improved skin texture and vitality.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy: Uses concentrated platelets from one’s blood to stimulate tissue regeneration and enhance skin tone.
  • Youthful Cocktail: Rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin for a more youthful appearance.
  • Natural Face Volume Enhancement With Sculptra: Utilizes Sculptra injections to naturally stimulate collagen production and restore facial volume over time.
  • Natural Skin Rejuvenation With Skin Boosters: Enhances skin hydration and elasticity using specialized injectable skin boosters.
  • Microsculpt With Hyaluronic Filler: Sculpts facial features using hyaluronic acid fillers for a natural and balanced look.
  • Hydration With Profhilo: Improves skin hydration and firmness with a unique injectable hyaluronic acid treatment.
  • Silhouette Soft© Thread Lift: Lifts and tightens sagging skin using dissolvable threads for a non-surgical facelift effect.
  • Indiba Rf Face Lift: Lifts and tightens facial skin, stimulating collagen production.
  • Sculpt and Tone Program: Sculpts and tones the body for a more defined appearance.
  • Neck & Decolletage Rejuvenation: Addresses aging concerns in the neck and décolletage areas.
  • Indiba Rf Body Contouring & Toning: Uses radiofrequency technology for non-surgical body contouring and toning.

Natural Aesthetics Treatment in Dubai, UAE

Wellth takes pride in being at the forefront of the aesthetic field, offering a comprehensive range of natural aesthetics services in Dubai, UAE. Wellth’s reputation is built on a foundation of excellence thanks to its team of skilled professionals, aesthetic specialists and its investments in advanced technological equipment.  The use of cutting-edge technologies reflects Wellth’s dedication to staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of aesthetics.

At Wellth, you benefit not only from advanced natural aesthetic treatments but also from a commitment to holistic well-being by enhancing both your physical appearance and overall vitality.

Known for its emphasis on natural results, Wellth Holistic Medical Centre in Dubai, UAE has become a trusted destination for those seeking the perfect blend of science, artistry, and well-being in aesthetic care.

Wellth – Aesthetic Clinic in Dubai, UAE

At the forefront of cosmetic and rejuvenation technologies, Wellth stands out for its commitment to delivering unparalleled aesthetic services and cutting-edge treatments with a special focus on personalized care. As one of the best aesthetic clinics in Dubai, Wellth excels in providing state-of-the-art aesthetic solutions tailored toward your skin goals. Wellth is distinguished by its expertise in the latest advancements, providing you with an unmatched experience.

Natural Aesthetics FAQs

Is Natural Aesthetics treatment painful?

Natural aesthetic treatment such as Natural Rejuvenation Microneedling which involves insertion of the needles might cause some people to feel slight discomfort, but this normally goes away quickly.

Natural aesthetic treatments can vary in terms of discomfort or pain depending on the specific procedure and individual pain tolerance. Generally, non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments tend to be less painful.

How effective is natural aesthetics treatment?

Natural aesthetics treatments work on naturally producing collagen and improving your own skin elasticity for long term results. You can get results right away with natural aesthetics, proving their effectiveness. However, maintenance and continuous treatments are always recommended.

What are the benefits of Natural Aesthetics treatment?

Natural Aesthetics uses non-surgical and minimally invasive methods to enhance your skin and make you feel more confident about the way you look. The general health and vibrancy of the skin can be enhanced by natural aesthetics. One of the main advantages of Natural Aesthetics is its safety and efficiency in substituting conventional cosmetic operations, which can include lengthy recovery and downtime periods.

How long do natural aesthetics last?

Depending on the treatment chosen and your skin’s complexion, natural aesthetic treatments can last for several months. Results are seen over time as the approach enhances your natural skin complexion and collagen production.

Are there any side effects of natural aesthetics treatment?

With any aesthetic procedure, the possibility of adverse effects is quite low. Most frequently, users notice some discomfort, swelling, or bruises near the targeted location. Following treatment, the majority of people feel that their return to work has not significantly affected their plans for the remainder of the day. The region may remain slightly painful for the following several days, even after the adverse effects go away in a few hours.