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Psychotherapy and Emotional Wellbeing

Happiness is a state of mind. A healthy one.

It takes a calm and resilient mind to go through the unpredictability of life. A mind
overwhelmed by worry, stress, and anxiety is the starting point of many illnesses. And speaking of illnesses, one severely ignored aspect of recovery is mental health. A positive state of mind is perhaps one of the most underrated defences against illness.

Life throws many challenges at us – and depending on where we are in our life, we might or might not need help to tide things over – be it the everyday angst of becoming an adolescent to the tragic loss of a loved one. The mind, if given enough time, will “get over it”, but not before leaving substantial invisible damage – PTSD, eating disorders, insomnia, obesity, inflammation, and cardiac issues to name just a few.

How does Psychology at Wellth help?

Talk to our highly experienced counsellors, psychologists, child & adolescent therapists, and female psychologists who will help you find your way back to good health and a balanced life. The most important thing is acknowledging the simple fact that asking for help is not a sign of weakness but of strength.