Place of origin: China

Chinese Medicine

Manifest a Healthy Body with Yin & Yang Balance

Chinese Medicine has evolved over a thousand years and encompasses a wide range of healing practices that were used to treat all illnesses 2000 years ago. The main principle of Chinese Medicine is that the main life force energy is Qi and illnesses are a result of an imbalance of Qi. Qi can be altered by the imbalance of the opposite and complementary life forces, Yin and Yang.

How does Chinese Medicine at Wellth help?

Chinese Medicine experts at Wellth focuses on treating ailments by restoring the balance between the internal body organs and external elements of earth, fire, water, and air.

It is a complete medical system that uses natural medicine, massage therapy, acupuncture, and other interventions to diagnose, treat, and heal ailments such as stroke, heart disease, respiratory disorders, and mental disorders.