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IV Laser Blood Therapy

Revitalize the system

What is IV Laser Blood Therapy?

IV Laser Therapy or IV Light Therapy is a practice where the blood is exposed to different colours and wavelengths of light that affects biochemical reactions and the nature of reactivity. It is known to prevent and retard arterial plaque, improve kidney function, reduce coagulability, strengthen antioxidant levels, reduce viscosity, and increase elasticity of blood cells.

How does IV Laser Blood Therapy at Wellth help?

There is strong evidence to prove the regenerative effects of IV Laser Therapy. It can stimulate metabolism, improve infection resistance, enhance immunity and manage pain and inflammation. Many autoimmune issues can be treated with IV Laser Blood Therapy including fibromyalgia, arthritis and multiple sclerosis, skin problems, muscle degeneration and even mental health.

What Should I Be Aware of When Considering IV Laser Blood Therapy?

IV Laser Therapy stimulates the body’s own stem cells, revitalizes the cell respiratory chain in the mitochondria and increases ATP production in blood cells. This means better metabolism, improved circulation, improved neural function, fortified immunity, higher serotonin levels, revitalized skin, retarded cell ageing and improved inflammatory resistance.