Integrative Cardiology

Healing that begins from the very heart of the matter

Integrative Cardiology brings together the philosophy of functional and integrative medicine. It sees health as a whole including aspects of physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing. This perspective puts the focus back on the individual instead of isolating the organ in question. Integrative Cardiology treats the heart as a part of a unit with its own unique set of circumstances that affect its health.

How does Integrative Cardiology at Wellth help?

Disease, when seen as part of an entity, paints a different picture entirely. One that evidently needs more than procedures and medication to be successful. One that comes with its own physiology, emotions, trauma, history, environment, food habits, etc. – factors that need to be considered before real healing can begin.

What Should I Be Aware of When Considering Integrative Cardiology?

Integrative Cardiology includes lifestyle changes that will go beyond just the physiological. Along with diet and medication, other adjustments will include mental health work, exercise, meditation, etc. Integrative Cardiology isn’t meant to replace conventional medicine but to complement it.