Integrative Cancer Therapy

Getting Better Starts With Feeling Better

Integrative Cancer Therapy combines holistic and traditional practices to ease the journey of treating cancer. It is a framework of supportive therapies that aim to ease discomfort, energize, increase strength and immunity as well as improve health and mental wellbeing to create a mindset that’s more receptive to healing.

How does Integrative Cancer Therapy at Wellth help?

This practice puts more focus on the mind-body connection – an aspect that’s largely ignored in conventional treatment. Integrative Cancer Therapy sees the individual as a whole and seeks to heal by restoring overall wellbeing.

What Should I Be Aware of When Considering Integrative Cancer Therapy?

Integrative Cancer Therapy can be opted for at any point during cancer treatment. Pre-treatment, it prepares the individual for the challenges ahead and post-treatment, it works as rehabilitation.