Place of origin: USA

Functional and Integrative Psychiatry

Stronger body for a stronger mind

Functional and Integrative Psychiatry takes a “the mind is part of the body” deep inquiry based approach to treating emotional and mental conditions. It addresses the underlying causes of mental illness, which are unique to each patient. All factors including genetics, biochemical makeup, nutrition, hormone imbalances and environmental influences are assessed to determine a course of treatment.

How Does Evidence-based Functional and Integrative Psychiatry at Wellth Help?

This practice seeks to reduce dependance on medication with inquiry-based psychosocial therapies that go deeper into the variables. There’s more focus on promoting healthy lifestyle changes and complementary therapies to create a long-lasting, functional medicine-based result.

What Should I Be Aware of When Considering Functional and Integrative Psychiatry?

Functional and Integrative Psychiatry is a time-intensive process. It includes nutrition, counselling, functional medicine, meditation, exercise, psychodynamic therapy, family systems therapy, etc. to address the concerns.